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City Manager, Carl O. Sherman Announces Resignation


Ferris, Texas: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - Ferris’ city manager Carl Sherman announced Tuesday he’ll be stepping down as city manager August 19, 2016 to accept the city manager positon in the City of Hutchins.  “We have made incredible progress under Carl’s management and the city is positioned for continued improvements, so his successor will have a solid lead-up,” Mayor Driggars said.  “By making this announcement now, approximately 4 weeks before his last day it was his intent to provide the city council with adequate time to identify a successor as we work through a smooth transition to keep the city on track for growth, stated Mayor Driggars”


In the interest of positioning Ferris for future quality growth, Sherman announced earlier to the Mayor and Council that after several months of direct negotiations and lobbying efforts made to Time Warner management on behalf of the city of Ferris that he was proud to report, Ferris is scheduled to have high speed internet service and cable TV by the end of first quarter of 2017. Time Warner and Charter will under the new company Spectrum, invest an estimated $1.5 million dollars to install these service for Ferris residence.  Mayor Driggars commented, “The City of Ferris appreciates the hard work Carl has performed for the City over the past year.  Carl has made significant contributions to Ferris and under his management the city has improved significantly.  As a fellow yellow jacket we were fortunate to have him and wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.”  Sherman responded, “I have a personal commitment to continue working hard to finish strong in Ferris. As I leave my assignment in Ferris to take on this new appointment in Hutchins, I leave with mix feelings because I will miss the fortune of reporting to an incredibly insightful and selfless servant leader, Mayor Driggars, an extremely active Council, employees that give so much of themselves to serve the great community of Ferris and the beautiful people of Ferris, stated Sherman” The Mayor and City Council will begin the process of a search to find a new city manager over the next few weeks. 


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